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#INGSOC 2017 H8 Week Poster Contest



Bennys Trying

A Window Into the Past


Dendustrial: NonArt

The line between digital reproduction and physical piece(s) you just paid currency for.
Purposely, the original kept from existing beyond the moment.
A story free to be told and retold over and over again; freely.
Image seen by accident.
Time by seen image.

The nonart we choose to keep only for our own.
The nonart we choose to share only for everyones own.

Having driven through the Bad Lands. Looked a Minute Man Nuclear Annihilation in the face. The Southern Dakota had shown me her artist side. 

non-land: https://travelingmanjoe.blogspot.com/2016/07/art-alley.html

An idea, an image. So radical, so well-done. Triggered, the trigger.


Zombie Crawl

It all happened so fast. Paper signs at bus stops: notice of cessation of service. The reason, zombies.  
It all happened so fast. Groceries at grocery stores sold, bought, horded. The reason, Zombies.
It all happened so fast. Priests in the streets, selling salvation. The reason, ZOMBIES. 
 It all happened so fast. Zombies playing music outside. The reason, ZOMBIE INVASION!
It all happened so fast. Zombies overrunning talks. The reason, BOULDER ZOMBIE INVASION!!!

Death To Fun!



Lazy River

Water World, Federal Heights

Toilet Bowl

You know what, let's make this interesting. Camera is in your pocket, hands on the bar. Life Guard says go; down the pipe you slide. Going to be quick. Left hand into left pocket, your right holds sunglasses. 

Camera's out before you hit the top of the bowl. You never slide straight in these things. Arched back to spin around. Test shot at the ceiling. Okay time to spin down the bowl. Camera up, not much I can see, take the shot. 

Ugh close. The next shot is all white; too late: already in the water. Guess I need to try again. 

This shot was just on the edge, the test shot. Want the one with the circle of the bowl and the light above. 

Guess I'll need to be flushed again. 

Water World, Federal Heights


Neil How Did It Feel?

Earth htraE

Beyond a place of advice. 
Advice of a place beyond. 

Neil how did it feel
Feel it did how Neil?

Beyond place a of advice. 
Advice of place a beyond

Moon nooM

The Church

Denver, CO